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Welcome to
Curantis Wellness

Meeting the Mental Health Needs of our Community's Bravest and Finest

and Their Families

Serving patients in Colorado and Utah. New Mexico and Montana soon to come.

Mission: Curantis Wellness' mission is to provide quality care to first responders, law enforcement and medical professionals in a safe, caring environment by providers who know the demands of the profession.


Vision: Empower our community's bravest and finest to break the stigma of mental health and improve their overall well-being. 


Verify with your insurance if we are an in network or out network provider. Co-pays and deductibles apply

Office Hours

 Office and appointment hours

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9-4

Friday 9-1

Closed on Tuesday

(719)500-1464 Phone

(719)218-9569 Fax

Currently offering Virtual appointments only

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