What We Do

Medication Management

Pharmacists' hands

Psychiatric medication combined with counseling has been shown to improve outcomes. We will assess your individual needs and create a regimen that is tailored to you. The goal of medication is to reduce symptom burden while working with your counselor. Starting medication does not mean that you will be on them for life. They are a tool to help and we will decide together what you need to optimize your quality of life. If you do not have a current provider, we are happy to provide resources in town that serve our patient population.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Symptoms of low testosterone include depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, fatigue, weight gain, trouble sleeping and low sex drive. Optimizing your testosterone levels can significantly improve your mental, physical and sexual health.

We provide this service to all types of clients. If your goal is to optimize your mental, physical and sexual well-being, we can help. If you are interested in this service but do not need psychiatric services, we are available. Due state requirements, an initial in office visit will be required. During this time we will discuss your concerns, collect blood work if you choose to capitalize on our reduced cost option, and come up with a plan that meets your needs. Teaching for injections will require one to two in person visits. After that, you can follow-up from the comfort of your own home via virtual visits or in clinic. 


Vivitrol Injections

Vivitrol is a once a month injection that is given in the office. This medication can help to reduce cravings for alcohol, supporting sobriety in combination with behavioral therapy. It works differently than Antabuse. Blocking receptors in the brain, when you consume alcohol you do not achieve the same pleasure as before. By reducing cravings and the pleasure response when consuming alcohol, it can help to decrease desire of alcohol over time.